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Our Story…

Prima Jiva (Higher Self) is a high-end fashion firm based in Walnut Creek, California, founded by Salma Schempp in 2008. Its mission is to design and deliver a unique line of clothing that is strongly committed to a classic and timeless trend. Only high-quality and eco-conscious fabrics are used to create fashions that combine comfort, versatility and elegance.

A lover of fashion and travel, Salma has been influenced by stylish women in cosmopolitan centers and elegant yet relaxed resort areas, as well as by women in the humblest of situations who adorn themselves creatively in flowing, comfortable garments. Salma and her Team have been further inspired by nature’s aesthetics–combining interesting colors, textures and refined details to achieve a flattering fit for all body types. All of Prima Jiva’s clothing is made in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Motivated by her passion to help others less fortunate, Salma donates a percentage of all sales to charities, both locally and around the world. Currently, Prima Jiva is collaborating with charities including Daraja Academy for Girls in Kenya, Children of War in Afghanistan and the Meridian Health Foundation.