In addition to her mother’s influence, Salma’s design aesthetic was shaped by her own personal quest to find deeper meaning in life through exploring different cultures and traditions.  As she traveled around the world, Salma found herself deeply moved by the ways in which devotion to beauty can nourish the human spirit, even in the face of tremendous hardship. She noticed how women of all cultures, body types, and stations in life find ways to clothe themselves with dignity, comfort, and grace. This touched her heart.

Giving back for Salma is one of many purposes that drive Prima Jiva. As just one example of Prima Jiva’s philanthropic outreach, in late February 2009, Prima Jiva collaborated with Daraja Academy for Girls in Kenya at their annual fundraising. Together they were able to raise funds for twenty-six girls. The girls were given the chance for a secondary education, which would otherwise not have been possible given their economic situation. These talented young girls now have the opportunity to engage their curiosity, gain cultural, social, and environmental awareness, and access a global society where they have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.


Salma has captured the essence of elegant and timeless fashion. Prima Jiva aims to set it’s own trends with luxury resort wear.