Prima Jiva’s logo is a keyhole. In honor of humanity’s search for the key to wisdom and understanding of one’s life purpose.  With so much around us, we can only hope that we find that special key to open the door that will define who we are. Prima Jiva has set to find that key.

Salma’s design aesthetic was shaped by her own personal quest to find deeper meaning in life through exploring different cultures and traditions.  As she traveled around the world, Salma found herself deeply moved by the ways in which devotion to beauty can nourish the human spirit, even in the face of tremendous hardship. She noticed how women of all cultures, body types, and stations in life find ways to clothe themselves with dignity, comfort, and grace. Over the course of her career and her international travels, Salma realized the wisdom of the graceful, elegant women she observed was about much more than clothing. It encompassed a way of life in which beauty is seen as a blessing to be celebrated, and the beauty one creates in the external world echoes and enhances the beauty within.

“A woman’s life is her own runway;” today, women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds can create their own runway when they wear their individual pieces designed by Prima Jiva. Prima Jiva is timeless, elegant, and comfortable.  As every women should be!

 Fashion Show in Kabul in the 1970’s